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Puts on tinfoil hat
The Chinese infiltrated the UN, started the war in the middle east via proxies like Bush. Then China moved to the middle east to give support to people there so they become more popular in the region there. Obama was okay with this, Trump wants out so China will use the US media to block him from retreating.
The instability caused in Europe through forced diversity refugees is a nice bonus for China as it expands it's influence.


There's the stupid party and there's the evil party, sometimes they get together to do something stupid AND evil and that's called bipartisanship.


Start Prosecuting politicians for all of their provable Lies & Scams

  • See how fast these Politicians start doing their jobs.

All of the crimes of Politicians are provable in any court of law, they are doing it on LIVE TV

The real problem is ORDINARY Americans don't have the political will to fuck these scum in their ass

Why is Nancy Pelosi out of Jail? The entire Pedocratic Party of America should have been hung high, long ago, for Treason.

  • This is why Strok is smiling like a well fed wolf.
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