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0:29 - no you don't have to buy Filmic pro. Why re you LYING dude? I'm looking at "FiLMiC Pro-Video Camera v6.16.3" right now on mobilism. I can just go download and install it for free. That means $0. Why did you say you "HAVE TO BUY IT?"

Man I hate youtubers so much. They're LIARS. They can't even TELL YOU THE TRUTH. The internet in the 90s and 2000s was nothing BUT truth, but now that everyone wants to try to get paid for pressing RECORD and UPLOAD on youtube, they can no longer tell you the truth because they're under contract, or are afraid of losing affiliates and "sponsors."

You guys are UNWORTHY of respect and trust because truth is a conflict of interest with you hucksters. Get off of my internet. Now.

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