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Always gotta click PV fast in case CensorTube decides its not information they want us to know.

That being said.....................

I haven't seen anything from the CNN series of PV videos that is a "crushing blow" so to speak. It's all stuff that any reasonable person who follows the news already has figured out.

I am waiting for a quote that hits me like an atom bomb. Haven't heard it yet.


Great for others to see... but many still brainwashed


I know such praising - from a news network to a specific candidate - was a reality. Good to hear from the people inside the organization they are doing it and how they do it.

I can't wait to see the dumpster fire burn hot.


If I was James O'Keefe, I would bring this to a slow boil.

I would hammer on producing a steady stream of exposes every few days to keep building skepticism among normies. BUT, the climax MUST be decisive. If the final expose has the same punch as the first, then it won't be effective.

Here's hoping James is a street-smart man.


Wow. The open, flagrant acknowledgment by CNN staffers. At least it confirms they fully know they're lying. It's not an alternate universe. They really are trying to gaslight us.


It is amazing how poorly spoken Zucker is.


for the love of fucking chirst can someone explain the flip from the bush years when the left flipped on the iraq and so on wars were were in, while funding our enemies also gg.

but they were anti war under bush obama RAN on getting out of the middle east. to the cheers of the liberal base.

hillary clinton swoops in takes over the party for ONE CYCLE and crashes and burns the party spectacularly loosing badly and leaving them bankrupt.

now the neoliberals are FULL stop on board og endless war in the middle east, the supposed liberal base is full on endless war in the middle east. the elites in the west and east coast all want endless war in the middle east.

how the fuck doe s party 180 so hard so fucking fast? did hillry corrupt the living fuck out of the democrats when she had her vampire fangs into them? or is their hate so strong they all became disillusional zinoist shills?

or both or other?


That guy reminds me of Prompto from Final Fantasy 15.


Surprised that Youtube hasn't taken this down yet. Fortunately, project Veritas has the videos mirrored on Bitchute.

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