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Fuck the snowflake activists.

I lost a friend saying trump did well in a debate, not trump maga, or lock her up, litterally an offhanded coment about trump performance in debate 2 something in the news, and i got RAGE in return.

Known this guy 10 years or so, i helped him in games we played togther seemed like a sane and ok kid.

Then he started working at a college as a IT and guy and something flipped.

Just casually mentioning trump caused him to attack me, block me on gmail, and ignore me on steam less i went out of my way to ask him something beyond that he never says anything.

Yes this is the actions of adults.

My grandfather was a democrat and my grandmother was republican they raised me, i spent time in the country and urban areas i got a pretty ecletic and varied upbringing and people acting like this is insane to me.

NM when this rage is manufactured by the media and far left. None of this is genuine toward a man the left used to love.


To be fair, people I know that went full far left degenerate and I cut ties with them 100% like they don't exist. Politics aside though why would you want to associate with literal communists, fags, trans, druggies, pedo apologists, baby killers, people who hate whites and asians, people who want to take away your rights etc? So maybe it's more acceptable to cut far leftists out of your life since they are legitimately bad people.


@MrObvious It makes me want to buy one now...

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