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People like Crenshaw have no fucking respect for the constitution, we're already neck deep in legal shit that is already violating the 2A for last 100 years and he wants to add more to the books.

How about get rid of all the currant useless shitty gun laws before proposing more you cunt.

No you'd rather add another law that won't solve the problem just like the last 100.

The founding fathers would be disgusted at these establishment shills shitting on the constitution.

Read the fucking 2A: SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.


I Like LwC ... Thoughts ?


No, I don't care, no more new gun control laws, red flag with due process or not.

We already have fucking laws where a person can not get a gun if a Judge rules it already, so if red flag laws are simply the same as that, how is it any different? It would empower the state to be able to disarm people further under the guise it's due process.

I smell bullshit, and it's coming out of Crenshaws mouth. Wolf in sheep's clothing. Don't trust him.


Fuck Dan Crenshaw, he's just another run of the mill neocon who wants the citizens disarmed and dying for Israel.


fuck dan crenshaw


was watching steven crowder on youtube when this happened . am i suprized?? fuck no https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWZAqxxSvYs


Crenshaw starts to sound like a leftist like Pete Buttplug more and more with talking points on guns..sorry crankshaw the guns stay and you and Pete can eat!


Needs proper likes to dislikes... Shabbos Goy show.

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