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Weird how racist lefty's in Europe are trying to pretend they are African Americans now. Like somehow they suffered the same treatment in Europe as Blacks living in the US South when Democrats controlled it.


I'm sure MLKJ would be proud to know his people are still being referred to as colored and segregated from everyone else for their own good, and race continues to be the defining factor in how someone is judged by racial puritans of the left. I'm also sure they wouldn't digitally lynch him and call him a race traitor like they do Kanye for preaching merit and personal responsibility.

Rachel Boyle: "Being a black academic researching race and ethnicity is not easy"

Ya, I'm sure it's really hard finding all the ways you should be given power and free shit because you're not quite white. Here I thought roofing in a cloudless week of July removing 3 layers of shingles dating back to the 70's was difficult, but please do tell us how you've suffered. Drowning in all that freedom and wealth you poor baby. If you hate slavery so much maybe the evil white people should abolish it and make the black people stop capturing and selling black slaves. Oh wait.

You're right. No one gives a fuck about your racism, you fucking racist twat. Be more than black for once in your life. You are capable of being more than a skin color.



We can't have it both ways guys, either we say "you're an actor/actress we don't give a shit what you say" or we take actors/actresses political statements seriously.


It's ironic how a group of people, Arts graduates, literary artisans, have utterly destroyed the English language through political re-definition of words.

In one generation, Postmodernists have rendered meaningless: racism, rape, privilege, gender, diversity, equity, violence, inclusive, tolerance, and others.


So she's 1/64 black. Why doesn't she tell us about her 127 other GGGGgrand parent's? Nope, she's totally from a 100% certified black family.

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