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Burn baby burn! Leftist Inferno!


Democrats have advocating for division with their forced diversity and demonization of whites and anyone more right-wing than Joseph Stalin. Now they've divided themselves. Rot in hell, Democratic Party! TRUMP 2020! MAGA!


Somehow i imagined headless crazy leftists chickens running around


Guess who's coming baaack?


Hillary and Bloomberg would get nowhere fast. I fear Michelle Obama would be a tough out for Trump.

Don't ask me why, but Michelle "I've never been proud of my country" Obama is wildly popular not only with the Dimocrat base, but America in general.

I think she could not only get the money pouring in, but get all the primary votes she needs for the nomination.


OMFG the moron LITERRALLY SAID Micheal obama is more moderate than Hillabeast (shoots self in head)


all the old ass corrupt neoliberal want hillary to run?

fucking A she only skilled how many weeks campaigning in 2016 and she had complete control of the DNC and its coffers, and her own war chest was what near a billion?

and she near imploded health wise. mass hacking fits that interrupted stops, hiding from reporters for 200 some days, collapsing gg.

hey next to biden who eyes are bleeding, cant recall what state he is in or what decade it is or who he was even vp of.

yea WINNING there.

can the boomers die faster and they glorious acolytes die with them? and can the neolib and neocon wings fucking die with them you corrupt fucking assholes.


They tried the hate thing in 2016.


The Democrats must get behind a candidate who is capable, at the least, to challenge trump on the topics and on the populism. And more importantly, you must stand behind a candidate who can branch out from the loyal voters to reach out for those in the middle, to claim the Center. And in spite of what you see on the media and how much they're denigrated on the Internet, those in the middle (caught in the crossfire of the two extremes), are legion. The Democrat Candidate must sell themselves to these people, these unfortunate, disaffected, political homeless, the Tim Pools of the world, and convince them to vote for him or her.

Right now, there are only two candidates who are capable of doing that: Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang. Those are the two the Democrats should stand behind. This pairing, in either form (Gabbard/Yang or Yang/Gabbard) has the best chance of beating Trump. They might not be successful, but they have the best chance.

Discourse is going way too far into the extremes. The lunatic fringe on both sides are controlling politics here, and it's not good for the country. Cooler Heads and a call for a Moderate position is what you need to stop this crazy presidency. That is what, I believe, must happen for the sake of the country.

But I doubt that the Democrats will do that.


Beanie man named The_Donald! We're famous!

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