Historian Says CIVIL WAR Is Coming And Trumpists Will WIN, New Hampshire Reps File To Secede From US. With Democrats increasingly pushing authoritarian polic...

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Better dead then red. Enough said. Way before my time, but living in a Communist society will be hell on earth if you are not one of the elites. I have no desire to wait in bread lines and eat hard bread.

Sure I may not be able to post on CensorTube any more, but that also means I do not have to worry about watching my language either. You freed me from my own self censorship. Thanks I guess. If we are judged after we die, what I said may have been politically incorrect, but I can stand by what I said. At least it was THE TRUTH from observations and wisdom. Will the people preventing me to speak stand by their actions when their judgement comes?

ADVANCED WARNING⚠️ - If you download this off CensorTube, you WILL get a file that is less then 1,000 kb. Unless the file is super compressed, there is no way a video can be that small (actually more like impossible). Why "advanced" warning? Any video that makes Biden or Democrats look bad WILL be targeted. Download from Bitchute.


The Left does not want the same kind of country as the independents and The Right.

To state things in an overly simplistic way, The Left wants Communism, the independents and The Right want a free society. Those two ideologies are not compatible. We will constantly be lurching back and forth between the two, depending on which side has power at any given time.


I often hear people say "let's divide the nation into two" with the leftard wokerati fascists taking the coastal East and West, and the normal patriotic people taking the heartland.

This would never work. Because the leftards are societal cancer. If you have cancer, you don't negotiate with it. You destroy it before it destroys your body. There is no appeasing the leftards. They want you dead. They want your children dead. They want all white people dead. They won't stop unless they are stopped.


Don't worry, after they've run out of food, the princesses and their foot soldiers will surrender. The only reason they won't fold sooner is that their foot soldiers know how to cook.

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2021-47-Fr 03:47:20 pm

Don't worry, after they've run out of food, the princesses and their foot soldiers will surrender.


Revolution is the Solution even our founding fathers knew this


Its coming fast and most normies don't even see it. While leftists play with their dildos and larp revolutionary, many on the right are stocking ammo and guns and gear and tons of other things of value. We are ready for what is coming. The normies will probably be shocked when it does happen.

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