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What a bunch of freaks.

They all look like trannies or homos, and if they can't even give you one fucking example, they're racist trannies and homos.


What are black people superior at - that's the real question.

Well, among others:

1) Highest homicide perpetrator rate.

2) Highest rape perpetrator rate.

3) Highest interracial assault rate.

4) Highest overall assault perpetrator rate, regardless of victim race.

5) Highest police murder/homicide perpetrator rate.

6) Highest robbery perpetrator rate.

7) Highest hate crime perpetrator rate.

Outright overachievers there....

And from these participants, add overeating and under-exercising to the mix...


Creating countries anybody wants to live in


They turned off the comment section 不不不不不不不不不


You were hoping that no one could comment. YOU WERE WRONG.


We're better in: building civilization (you can see the difference from space at night), colonization and conquer, war, organization, planning, logistics, self control and control of our emotions, reasoning, rationality, logic, invention, math, biology, chemistry, physics and all science in general, creativity in general, parenting, sustaining things and systems, making nature work in our favour, empathy, pushing whole human forward, charity, creating jobs and companies, efficiency, staying out of jail and not getting shot by police, following the rule of law and creating rule of law, taking care of our pets, launching space missions, building satellites, building tools and all sort of equipment and transportation necessities, construction, archeology, architecture, landing on Moon, providing pozitive income for budgets that is then spent on those that are net negative on budgets.

What are black people better at, besides basketball, football, some athletics, rapping, raping and looting?


Dissenter exists you racist assholes


Things whites are better than blacks at, as a group:

Inventing the modern world (you're welccome) Not going to jail Not commiting crime Staying in school Education Not blaming other people for one's own problems Not selling drugs

...there's more but I'm bored.


Really it comes down to IQ.

High IQ areas. Developed. No Looting: White East Asian

Low IQ areas. Undeveloped. Looting: Not White/East Asian

There are virtually no exceptions.


"superior" Bull shit!

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