Biden Presidency ALREADY Backfires On Democrat Voters, Unions FURIOUS Over Banning KeystoneXL. Biden was completely honest about wanting to ban Keystone XL y...

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Tim, why should The Leftist Cultists be welcomed opened with open arms? They openly attack us Conservatives, label us (labeling people is bad right?), calls us a certain political party led by a certain Chancellor from Germany (who was actually Austrian) who started WW2. Why should we trust these Leftist Cultists now?

If people actually voted for Biden, well they deserve whatever comes their way from Biden. Deal with it. No one forced these people to vote for Biden. 74 million American citizens wished they did not vote Biden. Next time vote differently, that is if voting and the outcomes is not rigged, similar to other Communist countries.


Shutting down Keystone was not surprising. 1. Needs to get us into wars. 2. Great reset..


47 years in office at nearly everyone who voted are shocked at his political positions.

Ban fracking on federal lands, targeting fossil fuel industries, and the unions that supported him are "shocked" at this despite saying he will.

Trump and the opposition said Biden will do this that'll be negatively impacted by it yet voted for him anyway.

Hate to be that guy get what you voted for.

Not even in his first week Biden is just getting started.

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