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Sorry but is not authorities it's one guy... The district attorney and his behavior very much points to him having ulterior motives....First a district attorney represents the state in legal matters. They do not have the authority to conduct law enforcement or criminal investigations. And for good reason, the District Attorney's office cannot be both the prosecutor and a witnesses in the case they are prosecuting at the same time. That would be like the victim of a mugging investigating the crime against him then also be the prosecutor in the case. Yet this DA sent staff members to SpaceX to conduct an investigation instead of passing the matter on to a law enforcement entity with investigative authority who's evidence would be admissible in court and who's officers could testify to their investigation's findings.

Next he sent SpaceX a formal letter issuing a threat of prosecution for activities he discovered in his illegal investigation instead of picking up the phone with his counties largest employer who stand to bring billions in economic activity to the area and informally asking them to stop doing what he claims they were doing.

Finally the DA is making grandiose claims. Namely the claim SpaceX personnel are impersonating law enforcement when even his staffer admits SpaceX security never claimed to be anything other than SpaceX employees. This claim undoubtedly was made to manufacture a felony crime the DA could threaten SpaceX with.

IDK what this DA's game is, maybe he hopes this crap will benefit him for some future political office, he's looking for a payoff or he may simply be in the employ of Jeff Bezos. Whatever's going on the DA has for some less than legitimate reason interjected himself into SpaceX's affairs.

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