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A reply to a post I made on YouTube wherein I compare one particular music fan's idol with nothing more than a product...

===== Listen, Crumple Bunny... many, many PRODUCTS, like McDonalds food for example, are "well known in a positive manner"... even though they're destructive, unhealthy, don't really taste very good, are cheap, destroy small business, rely on overseas communist slavery for production, etc, etc, etc. There is a DIFFERENCE between the creation of a PRODUCT and the creation of ART or the creation of an INVENTION.

Those last two things take time, skill, hard work, practice, commitment, resolve, ingenuity, planning, bettering yourself, research, consultation, etc, etc, etc... and the other, in a lot of cases, requires so little effort that often outright exploitation is the only real underlying necessity.

As far what music I listen to... I usually don't. Music is kind of boring I think, largely because it's not doing anything. Like here lately they've been rehashing old tech from the 1940s to create that Skrillex type garbage. Human music is so terrible. Like your music barely even scratches the surfaces of dynamic, interpolated lyrics. What's the best you got in that category... Blink 182's "Feeling This"... like not even 30 seconds there at the end of it. Maybe some ancient barbershop quartet material? Or maybe that one tiny scene in Les Mis, I think it's called "Confrontation", where they argue back and forth over one another's lines. LOL, that's uh... that's the best you got, innt?

I mean, you humans invent multi-channel audio formats and then... you don't do anything with them! Like, what the most advance thing any music artist has done using multi-channel audio? Like, why do you even bother including it if you're not going to bother to use it in any creative capacity?

That music bit, I actually have another version of that text that's lost. There's a master file I made somewhere that I can't presently find that better explains the process of cross combining, cross fading and cross cutting lyrics across multiple audio channels... as well as specific techniques and forms that can be used to achieve different effects.

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