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If there's going to be two places where we see violence starting it'll be either Virginia or Portland.

Regardless, you know shit is out of control when Antifa agrees with people they openly hate.


Meh sounds like a trojan horse take off the mask or else they'll start trouble then the gun owners get the blame.


I smell a double cross.


this one actually makes sense to me. antifa believes they need to arm up to face off against the right and get their way so this doesnt surprise me.

you can unfortunately go after cops. its happened before and even been called for. cops are people just like the rest of us. how many stories do we have of someone walking upto an officer just standing around / hanging out in their car and attacking or killing them? this is apart of the problem not the solution. i dont know what we can do but i know this doesnt help.

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2020-25-Fr 06:25:07 pm

this one actually makes sense to me. antifa believes they need to arm up to face off against the right and get their way so this doesnt surprise me.


You know the Democratic establishment elite have gone too far when the likes of Antifa show their support in defense of 2A.

I don't believe they (Antifa) will show up w/o causing vandalism but it's good to see gun rights groups stand side by side against the tyranny of the establishment left.

Then again they'll likely show up and cause violence and the pro-gun side will be seen by MSM as "violent, far-right".

Governor Northam is a disgusting individual and should drop the extreme gun control measures and resign before things escalate further.

Sadly it won't happen until interesting stuff happens.



Tim, changing the constitution to eliminate 2A DOES NOT ... I repeat DOES NOT ... eliminate the right to keep and bear arms, because 2A doesn't grant the right to keep and bear arms.

It's no different from the First Amendment. Eliminating the 1A doesn't eliminate your right to free speech. All the BoRs does is explicitly tell the government they CANNOT mess with these areas of private life, among others.

But the rest of the constitution does not grant the Fed positive authority TO mess with free speech, private firearms, etc.

Our rights flow from God (or nature - however you want to think of it ... human rights). Our rights don't flow from government or the constitution. The constitution just orders the government to protect those rights, among all others.


when the establishment of elites finally pisses off everybody else is when things begin to get very interesting and very funny


no coverage of the white guys rounded up as "white nationalisits?" one from canada from what i saw?

looked by the headline at lest an escalation to round out "right wingers" just ahead of this shit fest.


Well, I mean... Pantifa is going to need a few decades to practice up their skills.

You know it's screwed up when the pussies don't even like the elitist pussies.

Go home Blackface Northam... before the people help you there.


Hahahaha ... UN soldiers. Believe me, the Blue Helmets don't want any part of those "conservative" "good old boys". Never in the history of the Blue Helmets will they have encountered such insurmountable odds as trying to take the guns away from "redneck" country boys.

Hahahaha ... UN soldiers. I nearly blew coffee all over my computer when I heard that.

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