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And remember, you are a pleb so we don't want you to be able to buy utensils, bedding, or clothing since those things are now luxury items. Eat with your hands while sleeping on the cold floor, naked.
Also can't have you buy electrical stuff or phones since that could allow for communication which can overthrow our tyranny.
And you certainly can't buy things for the garden, because we can't have you growing a few pieces of fruit a year. Those things are now considered luxury as well.
Lastly no more entertainment for you. That stuff allows one to relax and you must be filled with anger and fear at all times like the people from 1984 which we definitely aren't creating in front of you very eyes.


Real talk though, is it really so bad?

This is quite an opportunity to become independent from corporations and the government, if you look on the bright side, right?


Video games are unironically necessary because people need entertainment. You know what's not necessary? These piece of shit governments all around the world who make all these arbitrary decisions. Wolf just created another false panic over flour in Pennsylvania, so everyone rushed to the store and bought up all the flour, just like they did with toilet paper. They do this to remind us who the masters are. They can just take away an item at will by preying upon stupid people. We're not allowed to go a day without thinking about them and how they're god.


I am a Welshman and I hate the devolved government and the idiotic 'Fire Break', like really?? Our Welsh government is just a bunch of back slapping power trippers who are really, really incompetent people that just happen to be super nationalistic. I had to deal with the Welsh government directly when I ran my business and unless you promote Wales/Welsh in your product/service, you get no help from them at all.

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