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This story is complicated and dangerous

No it isn't Tim. It is insanity in all its glory and is some of the retarded shit happening in Canada, especially in British Colombia where they have a socialist premier and socialist mayors, very much like Portland, Oregon.

The judicial system is completely fucked in British Colombia. This creature has a good chance of winning the law suit.



Has a penis? Then you are not a woman.


So he settled with other salons for money well i guess then it's not hard to come up with a motive here folks.


Remember the Bakery case? This is round 5.


Tim is too damn centrist. He doesn't recognize that there are, and MUST, be limits to everything.


"We're in the process of developing new civics!"

Yeah, over my dead fucking body.


malicious compliance. overheat the wax.


Jesus. Another haunting by the Clowntergeist.

Where the fuck is Craig T Nelson when you need him?!

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2019-34-Sa 10:34:37 pm

Jesus. Another haunting by the Clowntergeist.

Where the fuck is Craig T nelson when you need him?!


Nonsense, pure nonsense.


This story perfectly illustrates why all of the "non-discrimination" laws are misguided.

Constitutionally, every person has every constitutional right to discriminate - even against race, sex, blah, blah, blah. The government has no constitutional authority to mandate "fairness".

ALL of these stupid stories would simply evaporate if the government got out of the "discrimination" business and just left people to their constitutional rights.

No stories about trans-this and trans-that, because there would be no power to be gained. No feminism-this and feminism-that, because no power. No racism-this and racism-that, because no power.

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