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This summer I was forced to eat a vegetarian meal due to unfortunate circumstances out of my control. I spend most of the next night on toilet, with incredible amounts of flatulence.

"Just try veganism for one day."

Fuck you.


So what about the Bison heards or Gnu herds that are so big they can be seen from orbit? Does this mean we can go on safari and bag em all? Or do Gnu not fart?


Fuck vegan faggot dopes. most are fags


Forget global warming or other such nonsense: the depletion of soil nutrients is the biggest disaster facing us.

Technically we could compost human waste and use it as a fertiliser, but there are so many dangerous bacteria and pharmaceutical chemicals in it, that they make widespread use of human faeces impossible.

So our only chance of having sustainable agriculture is to rely on grazing animals much more than we do even now - and now and then let trees grow on the fields for a few hundred years. But still we can't feed this many people for very long.

The most dangerous thing is that even a thin top soil will grow a good harvest. But once there is none, the harvest drops to zero. And fixing the soil after that will be so slow to be completely impractical.


Stop farm subsidies and pay the honest price of goods.

Organic food is bullshit.

Giving your crop fields a break as a cattle ranch once in a while for less factory farming and better soil.

High temperature nuclear reactors can crack hydrogen out of water to make carbon free fertilizers.


The danger is farting Vegans.


Women are also bad for the planet. Has anyone ever thought about how much of the world's income is squandered on useless items of feminine apparel like fancy hats, gloves, shoes, handbags etc? Enough money is spent on these items to feed and clothe the third world ten times over.


You can't tell road kill for brains AOC that she probably had alphabet bean soup and blew the grass roof off her Mexican haciendo


Wait a minute... 8:35 "sentient animals" wtf? Since when did animals become self aware, write poems, sing songs, pray...hell, at this point, for the argument Id settle for animal that didnt lick its butt!


3:37 A Jubilee year. It ain't rocket surgery.

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