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Trump will become a King maker. His endorsement will be valued and we will hold those endorsed accountable.


"If only you got more people to go out and vote."

Ya, that was the problem. Not the machines that can digitally alter an infinite number of votes or the people who constantly fuck with the paper ones. If only more people had voted than the record shattering number that did, then we would have won.


the "riot" was a setup and murder apologize for nothing.

the DC mertro police should be looked at HARD that day, why they were understaffed, why they turtled and waved people into the building.

did they announce or warn or wave people out or did they lie in wait to shoot normies one of which was a air force vet, in the fucking face.

what kind of cops were these were they cops at all? my nogging is so a joggin this am and no apologize for shit demand answers.

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