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The media is collapsing and only have themselves to blame. I don't pity them, let them die.


The Media lies. Period.


leftists are liars

water is wet


Criticises media for not doing the legwork, then calls people asking questions "white nationalists". lol

The truth is quite simple Tim. Regardless of what you believe, you can either question everything, or you can't. Fuentes et al are merely highlighting the fact that Ben Shirpo and his mates don't take kindly to questions about certain things, and carelessly throw out ad hominem accusations against those who ask them.

eg. If you can't admit to the possibility that their MIGHT be an AVERAGE IQ difference between two given groups, because you don't like what the implications of that MIGHT be, (if any), then you - by necessity - will act disingenuously to defend your position, (as these people are doing).

PROTIP: It would be odd if two sets of human beings separated for thousands of years in very different environments did NOT have a different average IQ. Doesn't mean it's all that significant, or if it is, that you should repeal the 13th Amendment or anything. To assert that it's wrong to suggest the possibility of the difference in and of itself is a logical fallacy called "Argument from Final Consequences", (Google it faggots).


The media lies. And lies. And lies.

What else is new? 🥱



You are NOT far right just because you question Israel. It isn't even "nuanced"


Why is Jack Posobiec far-right while the NY Times is not far-left? The media uses far-right as a slur. It is hate speech and anyone who uses it should be banned from social media.


Tim, we know journalists lie. That's one of the reasons men and women of good nature hate journalists. How many wars has your profession caused Tim? How many dead?


This sounds like a PR op. Which Democrat candidate is paying the "alt right"?

Back in 2016, all the right leaning comment sections were flooded by new commentors who were "alt right". They fed into the Democrat narrative and identity politics. They even parroted a lot of Democrat verbiage on different issues.

After the election, they nearly all disappeared. Maybe the DNC couldn't continue paying their troll farms.


So Tim reveals his true form.

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