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Cucked "police" shutting down their brains and obeying orders instead of doing their jobs.

"You may NOT protect yourselves" - Communists


Outlaw Leftism

  • There is no debate here any more

We cannot co-exist with Political Criminal Leftists.

These people don't even care that their lies have been exposed

Now, its about POWER, as expected - it is time to use 2A to completely purge Leftism from America.

Time to Act.


they will be charged with something bogus, and then they will get convicted with a sentence that is far in excess of what they are charged with.

That is what authoritarian politics is about, we all stand to lose if we remain silent and do not tell them to go pound sand.

I prefer a peaceful resolution, but when the time comes to fight I will fight. I suspect that the time to fight will come soon after the November elections.


take up arms we are under attack organize get on the streets with yours guns get rid of the communist and antifa traitors who are stealing peoples property raping little girls and are committing murders based on race WE ARE AT WAR


The local governments have become the tyrants that the 2nd amendment warned about. The civil war, if it comes, will be against the local governments and the far lefties will sit back and watch with their popcorn as their plan unfolds.


If he doesn't have another one stashed away somewhere, he's a fool.


they high powered lawyers, they do not die they are going to own the city.

and they should they built that fucking neighborhood put millions into it for the city to say fuck you that fucking gated area the mayor lives in does not exist but for the efforts of those two lawyers to build that house and neighborhood.

and the city puled the cops out they also called off the mayors place? should maybe a bunch of armed right wingers show up there?


Police are doing a wonderful job to prove ACAB right.


It's amazing how those who disarmed the McCloskys, refuse to defend them, and refused to charge threatening trespassers, will never be held accountable. This is how the left wins, they get their police to single out and destroy one adversary at a time.

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