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it goes to that cops freedom of speech AND association. nevermind one in his PRIVATE life.

the further issue is ASSHOLES equating a 17 year mold defending his neighborhood as nazilike bullshit gas lighting and restrict others rights with ix the REAL fucking issue.


This can only happen because everybody is stupid. I watched a cop shoot an unarmed woman on the other side of a door while other people including cops were behind her. Everything he did was stupid. His very ineptitude, if that's what it was, is criminal. Shooting toward a crowd at an unarmed woman is criminal negligence.


What you do with your money is none of my business. I may disagree with it, but I will not tell you how you live YOUR life. Unless you are in a state of mind where you can not make a rational decision. Emergency Medical Responders have laws that allow us to get you medical treatment, even if you appear to not want it. There are always exceptions, this is one of mine.

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