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The "poor victims" of Demonrat cities VOTED in the Demonrats, because they were promised welfare.

On the promise of welfare, which is money stolen from whites, the VOTERS of those cities VOTED IN the Demonrats.

Fuck them. Ok? FUCK THEM ALL. Ok?


If you're on the right, would you run for mayor in Chigaco or NY or SF? You said nope, didnt you. And thats not because you dont care.

What would you be able to do? Or do you realize that there is nothing that can be done. You would have riots implementing the changed required. Thats why democrats run unopposed.

And of course Chigaco, NYC, SF cant survive without the federal govt, so they need control there too. And they cant have a different policy than in these hellholes. So the US will become like Chicago soon, when a republican will not be able to be elected, nor will any republican WANT to be elected, because it will be too late.

Me personally, I fear that we already passed that milestone. I do hope Im wrong but...

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