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Those who will attend blizzcon this year, remember to record from your phones since they may cut the stream like some devs did some years ago.

Also, buy faraday bags and bring a spare phone just in case if they make you give them up for the duration of the con.


Bearded man in his basement breaking news


Boycott the shit outta them.


When will we be seeing the "China is right about Islam" signs?


uh.. not sure if I want to post this Token comment to help Jeremy's algo.. because Jeremy would be 'fine' with no "free hong kong" messages briefly allowed in a tournament? I understand WHY Jeremy said that, but the implications.. Bending the knee in ANY way, in ANY SINGLE BIT, to authoritarian corporate nightmare masters is NOT COOL. That gets a thumbs down from me whenever someone licks the asshole of a nightmarish anti-humanitarian fascist authoritarian or such organization. But hey... I know Jeremy is just trying to be nonpartisan in the war between censorship authoritarianism and freedom... I'm joking of course, because you should NEVER count losing your freedoms as politics, freedom-loss that you shouldn't be allowed to talk about.

oh well, might as well post my token comment anyway... Before civil war breaks out? We should get people to ask "Are our leaders helping the poor get renewable tech, independence & wealth? Or are they ALL only enriching themselves, with 15 million tax-payer cash on the side* to silence their adultery/rape sex-maids?" If you’re still living one paycheck away from homelessness after your leaders are done in office there’s your answer! ILLEGALIZE corporate lobbyists, high government leader wages & political parties! Vote for ACCOMPLISHED leaders whose hard work or inventions are freeing poor people across the WORLD!

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