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Tim's entropy talk sounds like the Ruinous powers of Chaos...if only there was some kind of God Emperor who holds those at bay.


Antifa: Where is my defense. Where is someone defending my Free Speech?
Me: How can they? You've banned them all.

Those who deny people their right to speech should expect to lose theirs. They made this bed. They can get [RADIO EDIT] on it.


Good grief atheism is broken. It's probably the exact opposite. Everything in nature is getting less complex over time. Sure, all squirrels had a common ancestor, but they didn't come about through evolution, but devolution. Isn't that exactly what natural selection means--genes which don't allow the creature to survive are erased from the gene pool when said creature dies off? If they didn't have the traits that allowed them to survive in the first place, they would surely have just died before they could pass anything on, like trying to breath water only to drown.

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