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google is the "omnicorp" or "umbrella corporation" or the cyberdyne systems of the real world - keep in mind, it's a monopolistic globalist entity, that has no principles based on truth and/or freedom. they are tyrannical without limits, when it comes to anything that challenges the personal opinions of the upper echelons of that monster.

do not cooperate with that monster. avoid it and fight it, if you want a chance for your kids to not live under a regime of central planners who controll everything at their will and the people being nothing more than cattle to them.


06:30 "for some reason we had to build it from scratch, couldn't use libraries, not even a SHA-1 library. Can't use nodejs or anything. Apparently it was for security reasons."

that hast to be that way, only if someone want's total control over what happens: no black boxes! the only allowed black boxes are the ones that the banksters have absolute control over.

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