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Pound Me Too has always been a filthy scheme


Why didn't the rich stars do it for free on principle?


none of this is illegal and its one way politicians have been profiting off disasters for years. just look at the Clinton foundation.


One would think that these "celebrities" - each a "believer in the cause" and already fabulously wealthy - would be willing to do this work "for the cause" pro bono. After all, shouldn't these fabulously wealthy women give some of their time and talent to such an important cause?!?

But as is true for most "causes", the celebrity only believes in the cause as far as it reaches their bank account. Most "celebrity" shows to promote fundraising for [insert disaster of choice here] are paid out of the proceeds for their appearance. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, these already fabulously wealthy "celebrities" only want to extract wealth from the LITTLE PEOPLE and won't even contribute their TIME without being paid for it.


So.... basically this commie soy bitch takes the “ news” from other commie bastards like daily crap he used to read to demorats ( she is one) and now uses the “ far right “ deplorables to make a ton of money..... 🤔

Got it ....😂. This little soy homo bitch shill will have to get a real job in a couple of months ....🤣

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