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George? George who? Hiden' Biden should be in a home. Well, he is in a home basement and apparently talking to George Bush who lives in Hiden's head. Tim does make a good point in that Trump is running against the MSM, not Biden. Biden doesn't have to campaign because the MSM is campaigning for him.


The Dim party should be indicted for Elderly Abuse already.


trump doing what he did in 2016.

dims doing what they did in 2016 only worse and more criminality.



Tim gives Biden too much credit. Biden won't call a lid on important issues. He WON"T be president long enough to do that. Just like Trump, the behind-the-scenes cronies will plan his removal the day after if he is elected. And if he isn't elected, they already have something in the works to impede Trump.


Benny Hill once explained how he knew God was all knowing. He then put on his reading glasses explaining how else would God know where to put our ears? This is the oil vs solar debate. Oil as won all the energy fights because it is the best bang for the buck. Not because we hate the Earth. We need the lights on 100% of the time we flick the switch. The only way solar can provide that is if we have a backup system as well. The fact is we don't need solar.

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