On Wednesday’s “Jeopardy!,” contestants easily answered trivia questions about comedians Kevin Hart, Will Ferrell, Kenan Thompson, and Rebel Wilson. However, when it came to simply identifying one of the most iconic comedians of the past 20 years, they failed miserably.Under the category of “Funny Business,” the contestants were shown a picture of Dave Chappelle and given the clue, “This comedian displayed his drama chops in “A Star Is Born,” playing Bradley Cooper’s longtime friend.”None of the contestants even attempted to answer the seemingly simple question, and viewers at home were shocked. Twitter erupted as confused and shocked fans voiced their displeasure in the contestants inability to recognize the iconic comedian.

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What backlash? Where's the backlash? The only backlash I've seen is from the media. He's obviously not as iconic as they make him seem to be. I think this is more of a blacklash than a backlash.

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