Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott is spotlighting the Biden administration's proposed amendments to World Health Organization regulations that would give the U.N. agency's director-general unilateral authority to declare a health emergency in the United States.

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It would be ILLEGAL to seed control over American lives, to ANYONE who has not been elected by the Citizens of this Country!!! I for 1 would NEVER condone, or comply with anyone's authority who was NOT elected through OUR election process!!!! EVER!!!


It's clear what this buffoon wants to do! In his retarded mind, he thinks he can hand this authority to WHO, so they can then declare firearms a health emergency, & demand the surrender of ALL privately owned firearms.

Joe thinks this would NOT be a violation of his oath of office, but it most certainly WOULD BE A VIOLATION!!!

By turning this authority over to those he knows will likely violate the rights protected within the Constitution HE has sworn under oath to UPHOLD & DEFEND, he clearly would NOT be doing either in doing so!!!

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