Mothers across American have been alarmed, and expressing their alarm, for several months now that infant formula products in stores are in short supply or even sold out.

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How does a nation have any wealth if its children are staving (or being deprived of life in the womb)????


He cited a 1997 agreement that sets guidelines for border facility operations, which requires age-appropriate food and drink for illegal aliens.

This is just agreed guidelines made 25 years ago, not a law or written in stone.

Now there is a shortage and it is time to change the guideline (immediately) so that people that is legally in US are prioritized over illegal aliens.


It's not a stretch to believe. The occupying govt wants to give veteran healthcare to illegal aliens. The actual Karen is the fact checker.


Well, they are the crazy people hoarders of the global neighborhood.

Like, remember all those hoarding shows? Like the animal ones? Yeah, recognize who you're dealing with.

They're not rational.

They're not sane.

They're delusional.

They will kill us all for the sake of feeling a sense of imagined contribution/meaning.

When the goal becomes more lucrative than the risk. That sense of perception can be damaged and when it is you have people who ignore all rational risk because they see nothing but reward.

It's like being perceptually retarded.

They can't perceive more than one thing at a time. So it's either risk, or it's reward. But never both. They either act out of irrational fear or they act to obtain without regard to anything other than the act. Like a soldier who never really "comes back" from a war. They can never stop wanting the same thing, it's like an inability to feel fulfillment.


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For over 3 months they have been 'seeking to address' the problem? And how long does it take to starve or damage an infant?

[ The shortage of baby formula is a serious issue that the administration is seeking to address. ]


cant abort them so now they are just going to starve them to death KEEP LICKING THE ASSES OF POCS AND JEWS


Don't worry. The moms will NEVER leave fakebook. They'll whine about how their posts were taken down. And then post more bullcrap on fakebook. eyeroll

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