(SUMMIT NEWS) – The CDC is now investigating 180 cases of children with hepatitis of an “unknown cause,” although health experts in the UK say the cause is likely kids having weakened immune systems due to lockdown. Five deaths have occurred in the U.S. as a result of the infections, which have swept the globe,…

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The U.S. has this going on too, but the marxists in D.C. cover it up because the "vector" is the illegal aliens who, un-vetted, bring in TB, AIDs, hepatitis, COVID, and untold other communicable diseases. Americans will DIE from this, but nobody ... and I mean NOBODY in the Biden Administration cares.


The CDC is on it!!!...we will never know the cause but Fauci will peddle a vaccine.


Let me guess. They came from Mexico

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2022-22-Fr 03:22:11 am

Let me guess. They came from Mexivo


They know the cause - it is first exposure to the J&J vax which is built on an adenovirus platform, then exposure to someone who is taking PrEP antivirals who carries adenovirus mutations. The re-infection or cross infection with the novel adenovirus mutations overwhelms the weakened, handicapped immune system of children who had the J&J vax. Note that the J&J vax has been very quietly discontinued from use.

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