Joseph Farah notes skepticism surrounding supposed Biden win is growing, not waning

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Prolly because they saw it happen with their own eyes.


Because the Demorrhoids stole it ?


Because it fucking WAS.

These Establishment CUNTS so much as BRAGGED ABOUT IT in that article on the CABAL of shady elites.

They STOLE it and stole right in front of our fucking faces and then told us to go fuck ourselves and prosecuted anyone who bitched about it.

They could do that because WE LIVE IN FUCKING COMMUNISM.



Why do I believe 2020 was stolen? Cause no one was cheering for Biden on street corners in my state WEEKLY, both before AND after the election. Because I could count the number of times that I saw a Biden sign in the yards of my neighbors. Counting the number of Trump signs would have required a TI-82 calculator. Because before everyone went to bed at 1 am in the morning on election night, the tabulations showed Trump at an easy victory. And then everyone woke up the next day and SUDDENLY. Biden was in just enough of a lead to not require a recount? The Left can go f*ck themselves. One way or another this will drag them down with it.


Irrefutable, evidentiary proof, because we're funny like that, and funny they would ask.


Millions of americans saw it stolen on TV wed morn nov 4 2020. Trump had huge leads with 70% of the vote counted in what were supposed to be close states. And then in the dead of night, it vanished.


Breaking: Georgia Officials Tampered With and Deleted Hours of Ballot Box Video Before It Was Released to Investigators

Happens all the time in safe, secure and honest elections.


a handful of counties in 4 or 5 states at 4 am all flipped from trump to biden all around the same time and by roughly the same totals 200k per state.

meanwhile there is video evidence of ballot stuffing multiscanning AND harvesting.

there are NO signature audits going on to verify voters with signatures done TO THIS DAY.

we told get over it and shut the fuck up.

fuck you.


Because it was!


288,000 ballots mailed from New York State to Pennsylvania. I don't believe they are bona fide Pennsylvania residents. Also, anchor babies should not be voting.

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