Officials in Beijing have urged for an end to overseas deliveries, saying that the Omicron coronavirus variant can spread by opening packages that originate in other countries, BBC News reported.

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Goes both ways , right ?


Mail order death by virus. Never saw that coming.



Then by the CCP's same reasoning, the Wuhan Virus is in all the Chinese goods packages coming from China.


The best thing the Chinese ever had going for them was the wall. Time we all started doing for ourselves again, and 'eliminating the virus' from humanity...finally. Poison drywall, lead painted children's toys, myriads of products that break on first use, malformed products that don't suit the intended or advertised purpose they were marketed for, WHO NEEDS ANY OF IT??? - answer: bankers and corporations unwilling to admit that they've destroyed their own currencies. "build back better" = building it yourself, and selling it for at least what your labor and time spent is worth. The value of good quality lives on long after the thrill of a cheap price is gone.


and ccp send counterfeit cash fentaynol and other illegal dangerous cutting edge addictive and poisonous shit.

on top counterfit goods that come in from knock off ccp factories.

yea a ton of dangerous shit comes from china as well.


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