A guest on MSNBC, reacting to the recent Supreme Court arguments over a Mississippi abortion law, claimed that those who are pro-life really are the new "segregationists" who are white and are demanding "power" in America.

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Look it's simple, safe White babies and let them kill the rest.


Why in the fuck would "white supremacists" want to stop black women from killing their own babies?

If pro lifers were white supremacists, they would be saying that abortion should only be illegal for WHITE women.



Literally the left:

Everyone who disagrees with me is a reeeeecist huwhite supreeeeeemacist


What do you expect the demons to say? Plenty people are Pro-life of color, and realize abortion is murder, and would rather infant murder not be paid for by their taxes, and put blood on their hands, and greater numbers are lost from their ethnic groups than are whites.



It is well known that black women are the most likely to have an abortion than any other demographic. In fact, abortion is the #1 contributor to demographic shifts (or lack there of) in the US. In short, if abortion was banned (what most pro-lifer's want), you'd have LESS white people per capita. HOW DOES THIS TRANSLATE INTO "WHITE SUPREMACY"??


Everyone is a white supremacist. The average black IQ is 65!!!

  1. Black-americans come in last in all standardized tests. Asian-americans do fine on all the tests so it's not due to cultural bias in the tests.

  2. Africa is by far the poorest and most backward continent on the planet. All of black africa is now controlled by blacks and has been for decades so it's not due to racism.

  3. No black has ever won a Science Nobel Prize unless you count one in 1979 for the semi-science of economics. They have won many nobels in non-brain fields like Peace and also in Literature so it is not due to racism.

  4. Out of 1552 chess grandmasters in the world, only THREE are black.



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