(GOP USA) – A conservative leader says the public should be defending a New Hampshire high school student, who was suspended for holding unapproved beliefs about gender and sex, because he represents the fundamental right to form an opinion without being punished for it. The unidentified male student is suing his school, Catholic Exeter High…

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"suspended for holding unapproved beliefs about gender and sex"

1) THERE ARE TWO GENDERS... because there are two SEXES in fucking BIOLOGY. Period. Anything else is narcissistic, left-wing bullshit.

2) What in the fuck is the point in sending your kid to Catholic school for 50k a year if they're getting the same bullshit indoctrination there that they get in public school?

3) Nobody has to "approve" ANYONE's belief on ANYTHING in a free country... which this is so long as people continue to fight for it.

4) WHERE IS THIS FUCKING LIGHTNING I keep hearing about! Antipope Francis the fucking pederast and his adherents ought to have been struck down a thousand times by now.


It's a plant by the LTGB and harassment litigation


The crime of debate.


Orwell called it Wrongthink.

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