An Illinois woman with three children was charged with first-degree murder after shooting a man who refused to kiss her, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

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I've always heard the term "sperm donor" tossed around, but why use the term "Mom" for this skag? She's not a mother. The bitch is an incubator.


anger issues?

women feeling over inflated egos self entitlement etc.



Ok, several problems, situation. First why would this guy (and his girlfriend) allow this woman (with children) move into their home? What was their prior relationship? Why would see demand a kiss from both the man AND the woman? Why would he have a gun under a sofa cushion (especially knowing small children were now living in the house), was he a drug dealer? How much had they been drinking (or other drugs consumed) during this period? One thing is clear, the man that was married to the nutcase was very lucky considering her unhinged actions, and now he will get sole custody of his children, which will give them a better chance in life (as opposed to having a nutcase mother controlling them).


Anchor babies?


I have always told my son to "never fool around with a hispanic woman". They are just as likely to cut your pecker off.

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