When Joe Biden took over the White House, many Europeans cheered, “The adults are back.” Months later, they are asking, “Where did they go?”

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Pretenders😒, usurpers, deceivers, they were never there in the first place.


Cheaters never prosper


adults your mean frauds and grifters and marxist hack assholes of the soros obama fuckbag wing?

lets do nothing but sell out the planet how "adult" of you, all adults acted this way there would not be a planet left to fuck over fucks,



Why is it? I dont know TOO much about Garfield and McKinley but WE did lose JFK and Lincoln and I was "kinda" hoping the Du Pont family would let "Joe" join the GOOD club of assassinated (bur great) wonderful folks. And then Cameltoe could run the Hollywood theater they are set up in -and all the Military Industrial Complex Satanists like Colonel Aquino could (perhaps) take a visit home (to HELL) and maybe someone would be willing to lock the door. Thank God that GOD has a back door to this horrible program and it is just a matter of time now (UNPLUG!)


A Europe under the European Union is not a Europe at all. Each of our countries should develop its own defense, in a way that suits the local climate and geography. An army run by EU bureaucrats would be good only for keeping the population ins check. Alliances will form as needed when they are needed.

But we do need to stop depending on the US.

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