Thirty-five state governors from both parties say they will welcome Afghan refugees forced to flee their country because of the Taliban takeover. “We’re a state of refuge,” said Gov. Gavin Newsom as he welcomed refugees to California.

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I love this: 'There's no reason they shouldn't become a boon to our country' Really? No reason? How about the not speaking English part, or not having marketable skills part, or the marrying children part or the will never assimilate part or the best one - the never being self-supporting part and the burden on already overtaxed Americans forever part? No one asks the citizens of those States how THEY feel about supporting more refugees. No one asks Citizens how they feel about more muslim refugees who hate us and hate dogs in their communities. They never ask poor Americans or disabled Americans or disabled Veterans or single moms how they feel about being put at the very back of a very long line for Section 8 or Public housing because refugees from third world hellholes are so much more important! Boon to the country, my ass.

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