The 2,702-page 'infrastructure' bill includes a proposal that could make driving a car unaffordable for many Americans.

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This abomination, phony, so called "infrastructure" bill of 2700 pages is purposely too copious to actually read in the short period that Senators are given before they are required to vote, so they vote on things that only have a rough overview of, thus bill after bill passed with hidden agendas, designed trickery to subvert the whole Congressional process to the advantage of the Democrat Party, and their Rich Communist masters. If they get their way they are going to make us just like Soviet serfs, no house owning, no car owning, no anything owning.



Too bad those idiots haven't yet realized that WE THE PEOPLE have an INALIENABLE RIGHT TO TRAVEL BY HORSE CARRIAGE OR AUTOMOBILE!! If THEY make it too expensive to travel by Automobile, they will be violating OUR inalienable right to travel!!!!

Everyone should look up "Right to travel VS. Privilege of Driving"!! Get educated before YOU get screwed!!!


I feel like there should be law in place that limits the size of proposed legislation so that everything can be read before voting on it.

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