A school is facing a lawsuit for singling out one student's "Jesus Loves Me" face mask during COVID because it created the "policy" against religious statements only after it already had punished the student for wearing it.

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The school is wasting their time hammering this girl. If statistics hold true she become sexually active at age 14 or 15 and the feminist doctrine weaved into her brain will kick in. She'll likely be sperm jacking men, become a single mom, taking men to court for paydays. And then we'll see her real love for Jesus really show. She be one of the single moms that fill the big church's singles class where good men just don't waste their time attending anymore.


The 1A decisions separating church and state NEVER applied to the STUDENTS.

Students are PROTECTED under the First Amendment. It's the SCHOOL, as an agent of THE STATE, which is LIMITED by the First Amendment.

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