As the Pride rainbow becomes more ubiquitous, it's time for Bible believers to reclaim its original meaning.

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The sign of God's glory that was given to remind mankind of the Noahic Covenant between God and mankind, and all living things, not to destroy the earth with water again. The circle of light surrounding God is divided into halves by the horizon, because His glory is not veiled, the full circle must shine through. That is why there are always two rainbows side by side, one with the prismatic spectrum from purple to blue, the other with the colors reversed. Don't believe it? Next time you see a rainbow, look around and you'll see the other one near the one you first saw, although it might not be so pronounced. Sadly people have misappropriated God's rainbow, and turned into a Queer nation symbol to represent diversity, and self absorption, when God meant it to show His Glory, not mankind's.

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