Jane M. Orient, M.D., counters AMA data with much different survey numbers

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The article says, somewhat facetiously, to ask your doctor about the Covid autopsy that showed spike proteins in all organs. Well, back in July 2020, I questioned my (Jewish) doctor about the efficacy of masks when he insisted that all patients and staff wear a mask. I had been in his office in March of 2020, during the peak of the pandemic, and he not only NOT wore a mask, he shook my hand as he left the exam room. His response? He exploded with anger, saying "how dare you come into my office with that attitude." He then sent me a letter three days letter terminating me as a patient, listing at least six or seven reasons, several of which were not even true, telling me never to come into his office again. This was before the "vaccine" was available. So, I shopped around and found a White male doctor, something that is more rare than a unicorn these days. When I went into his office for the first time, the receptionist asked me if I wanted the vaccine. The girl who took my weight asked me if I wanted the vaccine. The girl who took me to the exam room asked me if I wanted the vaccine. The girl who took my blood pressure asked me if I wanted the vaccine. Finally, the doctor came in and asked "I understand you don't want the vaccine. What, are you afraid of getting microchipped or some nanobots?" in a sarcastic tone of voice. I was stunned by his lack of courtesy and professionalism. I didn't want to get kicked out of another practice, so I just chuckled at his "joke" and I responded that I have had the virus and so now have natural immunity and did not want to take the vaccine for that reason. He shut up about it, but I did notice that he, as well as several of the others, took notes when I declined the vaccine. I wanted to ask him how much money he made off of each shot because I'd really like to know why he was pushing it so hard.

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