Michael Brown: 'Violent criminals respond to force, not appeal and not reason'

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And criminals are happy to respond when there are no police officers to stop them.


Defunding the police is a pincer maneuver. It's a strategy that allows the usual suspects out there--of every color--commit unbridled mayhem so the still, highly-functioning FBI can weed out the normies who are willing to defend themselves and lock them up so any resistance to a society-gone-mad is swept out of the way so they can steamroll the rest of the agenda through. This is why they are putting Chauvin in prison for thirties years. This is why they disbar people like Giuliani. This is why they suicide people like McAfee and impose enormous and unproportional jail terms on people who were in Washington on January 6th. It's a means of intimidation. If they do this loud and broadcast that they're rounding people up they hope that everybody will fall in line and stop resisting. All they need to do is look at Arizona and school board meetings across the country to know that this strategy is flawed.

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