Two people aboard a cruise ship with a fully vaccinated crew and passengers have tested positive for COVID-19 despite, the company said in a statement.

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But but but they took the shot??


So...The jabs don't work and we don't have to push everyone to get them anymore?


So how do we know if any of those 'doses' were real, and not just saline? Only by randomly testing empty vials. But how could the vials NOT contain the 'vaccine'? Someone stole the real 'vaccine' (black market profiteers?), or maybe the pharma is boosting profits by using saline rather than more costly 'vaccine'.

The whole 'pandemic' of 99% recoverable cases already makes the 'fatal pandemic' suspect. Compensating hospitals at exorbitant rates for taking or claiming Wuhan cases is another money-maker. So who is verifying pharma is actually filling those vials with their 'miracle cure'? Pharma could be hoping that the natural 99% recovery will cover their scam.

Who will suggest testing either random unused vials, or collecting and testing used vials?

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