A belief spread by the Qanon community that President Trump will return to the White House on the old presidential inauguration date of March 4 has authorities on high alert.

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The #Qanon community...what a joke. There exists among conservatives a group of low IQ individuals who have believed EVERYTHING attributed to the fictitious #Q no matter how many times these predictions turned out to be utter bullshit. Remember what was supposed to happen 1/20/21? #Qanon claimed President Trump and the Marine Corp were going to take back our nation from the Demmunists. Oops! Didn't happen. Then there's tomorrow where nothing will happen yet again. I can just imagine what it must be like in the rooms where these disinformation specialists are saying stuff like "Let's see what we can get these idiots to believe this time". The sad part is the more preposterous the prediction the quicker the dumb asses suck it up and pass it on. Nothing #Qanon predicts ever comes true. But does that matter to the dumb sonofabitches who swallow the spun fantasies hook, line and sinker? NOPE! They just KNOW this time it'll happen...except it won't. It hasn't yet and never will. #Qanon is a long running joke on those among us who probably never made it out of the 8th grade.


"Capitol Police at this time "has no indication that groups will travel to Washington D.C. to protest or commit acts of violence." Thats what they said Last time and the BLM/ANTIFA took advantage of it because they got the information that they would have a 3hr window in which to make it look good "for Optics". Heck even AOC was sent emails 7 days before being warned. Did AOC ever play for the cameras. Now that was optics.


Praying. But don't get your hopes up.

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