In a plan that easily could be called the "head shrink job protection bill," Democrats have proposed a massive and exhaustive gun-control plan that would require gun owners and their family members to undergo "psychological evaluations."

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Isn't this just brainwashing?


The American communists looking to establish "right think" and their "re-education" gulags no doubt. Well, if it's any consolation to those snowflakes with Biden buyers remorse at least you don't have Trump saying mean things to you any more.


I would really like to hear the argument that this wouldn't violate the 2A.


Among high IQ humans, psychiatry is a FAKE JEWISH POST MODERN NON SCIENCE.

These ARE the people who trans gender toddlers. These are the people who commit atrocity after atrocity against children and society. These are the people who by decree make shit up and don't even bother to lie that the White scientific method was ever applied. By decree.

Is sex with QUADRUPEDS sane and healthy? Or sex with infants?

IF THEY DECIDE TO DECREE THAT! Then yes! How it works.

Fucking joke.

They will quiz you on your RACE, RELIGION, and POLITICS, then check their JEWISH LIST if they race hate you or not.


BANG! Dems push psychological evaluations for gun owners and 'family members' - We all know where this INFRINGEMENT ATTEMPT is going, as the powers-that-be determine who is worthy to pack heat. Is this a ploy to grab guns from Christians and/or Trump supporters? Take the poll inside the story.


Just say No! to Joe and da Ho !


I predicted this day would come. And coincidentally, every conservative will be found mentally unfit. How convenient.


The push should be for the demented ones who think they can change their sex and then cut themselves when they find out they can't. And being a democrat pervert IS a severe mental illness that can't be cured, therefore democrats need to be locked up.


In other words, it's all the marxist bullshit they pulled back in 1916 or so, to create the soviet union. How'd that one go again? oh yeah, 20+ million dead, and a collapsing country. As well as an entire generation of children who had to live with the knowledge that they murdered their PARENTS (yes, they did) in their sleep at the advice of their EDUCATORS and whatever other influencers were labeling the responsible, sensible, logical, normal ones the "problem".

You are seeing a Marxist tactic - a long written one, take place - in truth it's BEEN taking place. This strategy for those unaware is called "Divide and Conquer" and it's one of the final steps before full on military might being used against a country to take it over by force. Guess where in that process we are? pay attention and stop being so damn gullible, people.


It should only apply to those that own guns illegally. Those owning guns legally are already screened. Crazy to legalize so many addictive drugs, knowing anybody addicted to drugs can get a gun legally or illegally. They ain’t going to say they are an addict on the gun application.

Give all a gun until they do a felony. Then confiscate their gun and ammo and auction it off to pay their fine and court costs. Depending on the crime, they may be able to legally buy a gun eventually. But until then own a gun illegally like millions do now.

Now the supply line of illegal guns can go full speed ahead with the Left opening the borders and paying millions of illiterate uneducated illegals to invade.

Outlawing guns creates crooks out of non-crooks that legally own guns. The Left knows it grows crime and wants more crime. Because more crime grows government. A growing government requires more taxes. Of which politicians and government employees skim to live large, then pay their cronies price gouging prices to provide additional products and serves to deter the added crime they created. Grabbing more taxes to process, house and care for the additional prisoners. Leaving households without a provider. They be in a new jail. THE DEBT GROWS. Done to destroy the US. IT IS MAD EVIL! ANTI-CONSTITUTION! TREASONOUS!

After spending trillions the 2 evil colluding parties have never slowed illegal drugs and now giving up and legalizing those once horrid illegal drugs. The same will happen if guns made illegal. Hell, they can’t stop the amount of illegal guns coming across now.

If they outlaw guns the amount of illegal guns and ammo will surge bigly. Fair to say that in 20 years of pissing away trillions in taxes they will give up a war on guns like they gave up the war on drugs and legalize guns? Madness.

The thing to not forget, guns were sanely given as the way to stop this madness the enemy within is pushing. Constitution sanely says beware of an enemy within. That warning is the reason for the 2nd amendment. Sanely designating guns as a means to save the USA from an enemy within.

Unlike the peaceful protest at the Capitol, the peaceful save 2A protest to come will be National. BLM and Antifa ain’t shit without guns and will join Patriots to protest 2A removal. Maybe all that can’t legally own guns will join in too. Even though they are goon to get s gun regardless.

If guns are made illegal, the surge in demand for illegal guns will skyrocket. The crooks that can only possess a gun illegally don’t want the price of an illegal gun to zoom up like Gamestop stock. Outlaw guns and it will happen.

Know too that the enemy within, the 2 colluding political parties, will insert violence in a National save 2A protest. See Martin Luther King’s peaceful Civil Rights protest. They inserted violence in it bigly.

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