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This is deranged.


This is REALLY hard for me to wrap my head around. Probably for the best, at least they didn't poison her food. Resistance is futile, doordash is a thing. Lol


This is sad but sheds light on the reality of controversy. Press is often good for business regardless of if the press is good or bad. That said this owner is sick. And in addition they didn't just deny food to Sarah Sanders but basically her whole entire family.


Never stop shaming and pushing back on these people, because they will never stop trying to destroy you.


How is the Post still in business? Oh well.


"I’ve been getting hate mail for almost a year now, "

Only she is allowed to be hateful but did you read the quoted message? It wasn't all that hateful.

"At the time, the country was in turmoil over the Trump administration’s heinous practice of separating children from their parents at our southern border."

Which was a pre-existing practice. Remember the picture that started it all was both from the Obama administration and of events during the Obama administration. The media then set out to lie about what is taking place and the lady who owns a restaurant was so influenced by their lie, that she abused another person in her place of business.

"For every angry accusation that our actions were driven by the inability to accept Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss, there was a note of thanks from someone lamenting Trump’s rollback of protections for marginalized people. "

Yeah, Democrats, as a group, are morally bankrupt. They support breaking any law, code, or moral standard as long as the victims are their political enemies.

As a bonus, it looks like the lady discovered hate marketing, where customers are attracted to your business through a shared hatred rather than the actual product.

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