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Just imagine the hysterics of the reverse:

We red-pilled some cucks and now they no longer believe in the godless fairytales of Marxism.


This article basically admits that the left has to find ever more insightful and devious ways to trick and manipulate people to convert them.

As far as 'conservatism' being based primarily on fear?

Apart from the odd duck on the internet, where people have a tendency towards grandiosity, no one I have ever spoken to in my life has made a fear-based argument for their conservative principles. Not even once.

There might be things they are more likely to be afraid of, but thats because, by and large, the conservative has a firmer grasp on reality than the so-called liberal. We should be scared of mass immigration from third world countries with low IQ populations. That is a perfectly valid and rational fear.

Which is of course why the left calls all the perfectly valid, rational criticisms conservatives put forth a 'phobia.' Its another trick. Another manipulative tool they have to pull the wool back over your eyes so you won't ask questions, won't agitate, won't get excited.


An experiment obviously conducted by left-wing Fascists. This is mind control that these Yale professors are pursuing. This is wrong.


Reading the comments at the Washington Post I found most of the Liberals attacking us for being cowards because we have a natural response to a threat. Ever noticed down syndrome children out in public, they will go up to complete strangers and hug them because they are incapable perceiving a threat. That is how Liberals behave and they think it’s normal.


Yeah, I bet it does say a lot about our political divisions, because I bet you failed to convert any actual conservatives. People who recognize the validity / feasibility of things in determining their direction usually don't arbitrarily change direction because of feelings and emotions. A recipe for failure if there ever was one - that sums up liberalism in a nutshell. Start thinking, liberals, you might be surprised at how your world changes.

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