In recent years, the tabletop fantasy game has attracted a small but vocal alt-right minority. Now, community members are trying to do something about it.

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not sure who this paulie doyle is but in 40k there are no "good guys" every faction fits somewhere inbetween grey and black the imperium of man, the tau, and the eldar are technically good but only because if you weigh them against the chaos marines, dark eldar, nekrons, and the tyranids those three are usually the least likely to up and murder a planet just because. also lily could have at least looked up warhammer 40k just for a refrence as the illustration seems to roughly be of warhammer fantasy (age of sigmar) and in age of sigmar humanity fits under the forces of order(?)

anyway on the fringes there is a little under the table trade between the imperium and the tau though the tau are not human, and the imperium employs the ratlings ond the ogrin both are mutant strains of human, and on the religious front there are many that worship the emporer there is no one religion as the adeptus mechanicus refer to the emporer ad the omnisia (though the ad mech also believe all machines are holy and would probably attempt kill paulie for not showing proper respect and reverance to the vice coffee maker, and refer to vice's existence as a form of tech heresy)

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