Strangers revealed Michael Hodge's college plans and said he was Nick Sandmann, the student at center of encounter with Native Americans.

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People need to be sued out of principle. That's the only way these people will stop what they are doing. Crowder is the world's worst for this. He doesn't take action and people aren't held accountable.

A professor lied and smeared his name and even then Crowder still declined to sue the guy.

If people are doing something, take legal action. When the legal wave starts coming, then they will stop their bullshit!


The left doesn't give a damn when it's our side getting attacked! They assault us, even calling for our deaths, dox us, get us fired, and celebrate when those that can't handle the pressure end up killing themselves.

My sympathy is gone for them. They've shown that they are capable of doing the worst without having any control at all.

Think hard, what would they do with true power?

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