An internal affairs report from a Washington State sheriff's office revealed the FBI warned local law enforcement about the "extremist group."

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Federal bureaucrats labeling USA patriots as terrorists. The vile, evil Southern Poverty Law Center that is, in my opinion, striving for a New World Order that forces the masses into serfdom, writes about the patriot Proud Boys in their typical leftist emotion-laden manner.

The violent Antifa filth waltz around attacking patriots and the FBI apparently yawns in response. When the Proud Boys defend themselves from Antifa and other leftist/Marxist/ physical attacks the FBI and the elite-owned tyrannical media labels the patriot Proud Boys as evil.

The attacks against USA patriots and Western civilization continue unabated. Tyranny has risen and is growing. The Founders warned us of this via their writings and what must be done to defend their creation.

Proud Boys defending Western civilization from evil. Traitor bureaucrats inside the FBI consider them a "hate group" and possible terrorists. The Founders warned us about the rise of tyranny and what MUST be done when it threatens We. the People. Patriots, evil has entered the federal government and its bureaucracies. Prepare yourselves!!!

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